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Electrifying the future


"Ford is investing $22 billion in electrification through 2025 as part of its plan to lead electrification in areas of strength. The company is electrifying its most iconic products – the Mustang, F-150 and Transit – with many more to come in the years ahead. In addition to offering zero-emissions versions of its most popular vehicles, Ford is harnessing electrification to deliver more of what customers love about them: Performance, capability and productivity."

Choose which EV is right for you:


BEV means Battery Electric Vehicles, also knows as All Electric vehicles. These vehicles have rechargeable battery cells and electric motor/s, which means there is no need for engine oil change or trips to gas station. All you have to do is plug in, recharge and go.

These three are currently full electric vehicles in Ford lineup:

• Mustang Mach E

• F150 Lightning

• E-Transit


HEV - Hybrid electric vehicles - maximize performance and fuel economy by combining a battery and gas engine. The battery pack charges by the gas engine and regenerative braking so, you don't need to plug in your vehicle.

Following units are available in hybrid:

• Ford Escape

• Ford F150

• Ford Maverick

• Ford Explorer


PHEV known as Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle equipped with a gas engine and a battery pack.  At the start, vehicle runs by the battery and once it's drained it switches to the gas engine. As the name suggest you will need to plug in your car in order to charge your battery pack.

Currently only Ford Escape is Plug-in vehicle available.