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Cavalcade Ford

Gas N' Go

Owning a vehicle comes with costs: Monthly payments, insurance, fuel, and of course maintenance.

Out of these costs, maintenance is the hardest to budget for. Most vehicle manufacturers have recommended maintenance schedules that require a service at 8,000 kms or more which means you can go several months between these servicing bills.

To make matters worse, most vehicle manufacturer warranty plans don’t cover “wearable” items such as brake pads, brake rotors, windshield wipers, spark plugs, belts, hoses, light bulbs, filters and fluids.

At Cavalcade Ford, we have a way to not only help budget for these costs but significantly reduce them too. It’s our “Gas ‘N Go” Maintenance Plan.

What is Gas N' Go?

Gas N’ Go is the worry-free prepaid maintenance program from Cavalcade Ford that protects your investment and provides you with peace of mind when it comes to servicing your Ford vehicle. With the Gas N’ Go program, we provide you and your vehicle with the ultimate service package – all you need to do is put Gas in your vehicle, and GO!

The Gas N’ Go program from Cavalcade Ford covers all required scheduled maintenance for your Ford vehicle, based on the vehicle owner guide. Gas N’ Go plans include coverage for regular wear on your vehicle’s brakes, clutch, hoses, spark plugs, wiper blades and more! All maintenance and replacement parts are always Ford Approved.

Gas N’ Go plans are backed by Ford Canada. Specifically designed to meet the requirements of Ford vehicles, Gas N’ Go plans are recognized and honoured at all authorized Ford and Lincoln dealerships in Canada.

Offering a variety of time and distance packages, it is simple to choose the best Gas N’ Go plan based on your driving habits and vehicle needs. Coverage begins at the time you purchase your plan and expires upon the date or time of your selected limit. Your Gas N’ Go plan may be included in the finance of your vehicle and is transferrable should you choose to sell your vehicle or can be applied to the purchase of a new maintenance plan when you purchase another vehicle at Cavalcade Ford.

Diesel Vehicles

Ford Power Stroke Diesel vehicle owners can benefit from the added convenience and peace of mind of a prepaid maintenance plan too! Gas N Go covers all required scheduled maintenance specifically for Ford diesel vehicles, as outlined in the vehicle' s Owner's Guide Diesel Supplement, including the fill up or top off of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) when it is part of an eligible maintenance scheduled service.

Why Gas N’ Go Plan?

  • You want to help ensure that your vehicle is maintained properly
  • You want to help protect yourself against the rising costs of maintenance services
  • You'd like to help maximize the resale or lease-end value of your vehicle
  • You want your vehicle to be serviced by Ford trained Technicians using Ford approved parts
  • You'll spend only pennies a day!
  • Backed by Ford
  • Transferrable
  • You can select the coverage that is right for you

For more information or details, contact Meagan or Elise at 1-705-645-8731